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Hi, I'm Erika, and I live in Callao, Peru. I am a Spanish teacher and translator, and I would love to help you learn Spanish. I love languages and meeting people which is why I have learned English, French, Portuguese and Italian to share moments, stories and especially about our cultures.
I studied Translation and Interpreting at César Vallejo Private University to continue my passion for languages and help other people achieve their goals. So I decided to take a course at ELE Internacional and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Spain and train as a Spanish teacher to be able to help you too. Moreover, I was certified as a DELE Examiner by the prestigious Cervantes Institute, and since then I have not stopped participating in different trainings, workshops and conferences related to the world of Spanish to continue learning this beautiful language.
Hello, I'm Pablo. I am a Spanish teacher, and I live in Lima, Peru. I am passionate about teaching and would love to be your guide on this path to fluency in Spanish. Throughout my life, I have researched and experienced new cultures, learning about their history and traditions. This has also led me to understand one of their main components: languages.
I studied media communications at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and worked as a journalist and media communications professinal for 10 years. I received a Bachelor's Degree at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú in Media Communications and my Master's Degree in teaching Spanish for foreigners at International University of La Rioja in Spain. For the last 6 years I have been teaching and helping people from all over the world. When my students tell me about their countries, I feel like I'm there. I love talking about all subjects, and I want you to enjoy learning Spanish with humor and provide an excellent learning experience for you.

Putting it all together

We envision language teaching as a puzzle. Each part of the language is seen as one piece within a large puzzle. The goal is to put the pieces together and place them in their correct position. How do we do this? Through dynamic communicative activities that will help our students to be effective in real communicative situations. In addition, each level that we propose contains an exclusive conversation section in which students will be able to use everything learned in the previous levels and have a real conversation. What are you waiting for? Let’s work together to solve this great Spanish language puzzle!

¿Por qué elegirnos?

Do you want to continue with the same learning routines? Do you want to stick with the same outdated methods? We are in the 21st century, so we have a commitment to give you a modern, varied, wide-ranging and fun education. Our teachers have one thing in common: they are fun. With us you will learn while having fun and remember; we trust you.

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