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Louis Goulaieff

Erika est une professeure qui s'adapte volontiers à nos besoins. Étant français commençant à travailler au Pérou, j'avais besoin de vite améliorer mon niveau d'espagnol pour parler aux clients, avec le vocabulaire approprié. J'ai vu mon niveau considérablement s'améliorer en l'espace de quelques mois à peine!

Chester L.

I really enjoy taking Spanish lessons with Spanish Puzzle School. Within 1 month at 2 lessons a week, I have begun speaking sentences in Spanish. The teachers have lots of patience with teaching. It is nice to have someone who has a great attitude and very passionate about helping others learn to speak in Spanish. I have since referred my mother in law along with others to take lessons. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to begin learning Spanish. I have tried multiple other sources and apps, they don’t compare. The pricing is fair and super simple to pay.

Benjamin Wulf

Erika is a super professional teacher. Her lessons are very well structured and the learning materials are of the highest quality. Erika is very passionated about teaching and adapts her classes individually to the level and progress of her students. Moreover, classes were very interactive to practice as much as possible.
I was always looking forward to our class, because - beside my improvement in Spanish - Erika always welcomed me with a smile and some good vibes. We always laughed a lot during our time. I recommend her 100%!

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